The Helie trucks difference

Camions incendie

Aluminium vs

Aluminum is:

Lifetime warranty

  • 2.98 times more dense (g/cm2)
  • 62.72 fois plus élastique (GPA)
  • 3.92 times more resistant at high temperature (°C)
  • 20.83 times more rigid versus its weight (MN-m/kg)
  • 2.12 times stronger versus its weight (kN-m/kg)
  • 20.0 times less fragile at -40°F and +
  • 1.55 times faster at unloading
  • 9.75 times more resistant to loading pressures
  • 6.30 times more elastic (MPa)
  • Much safer with its very low centre of gravity easier to clean
  • Much easier to clean and maintain
  • The tensile strength of polypropylene is 4,500 psi
  • The tensile strength of aluminum is 44,000 psi
  • To this day, no (0%) claim and (0%) repair on our delivered tanks, which shows without a doubt the superiority of the product.

New and used fire trucks of superior quality

Helie Trucks is committed to provide new and used trucks of superior quality, to do so:

  • We work hand in hand with our clients, from the definition of the needs to the after sale service.
  • We work as a Team with all our staff, and we encourage the initiative, responsibility and skills acquisition of everyone.
  • We develop a network of professional suppliers who provide us with compliant quality parts and services on time.
  • We create a harmonious, clean and safe work environment where employees and suppliers are proud to help serve our customers.

Finally, we measure and evaluate our performance with the common goal of improving the Customer Satisfaction and Work Environment.

Our objective:
a quality program
beyond standards

Our objective is to develop our quality program beyond the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Indeed, our approval to the ULC-S515 standard and our certification to the National Safety Mark (NSM) standard are processes which point us in the same direction.


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